6 thoughts on “Agenda? What Agenda?”

  1. Liberals like to see our troops in body bags. Everybody else likes to see them shooting at America’s enemies.

  2. At first, reading the headlines, it seemed more an even group to me. The NYT even seemed tame compared to Investor’s Business Daily.

    It took a while to notice the pictures.

    Yup, bring them home or they will come home like this. There is no acknowledgement of a constructive mission.

    Matya no baka

  3. Roughly “Mark is an idiot” or “Mark is a fool”. I started using it as a nickname when i was subscribing to Japanese manga i couldn’t read. Eventually i learned enough kanji that i could get the drift of many of them.

    Matya no baka

  4. The Wash. Times may have been published later (I took the photo near DC). OTOH the Wash. Post characterized the number of U.S. deaths as “about a dozen” — I don’t know if that’s because the Times was published later or the Post was being cautious.

    I was reacting to the photos, which in the case of the NYT and Wash. Post struck me as being even more blatant statements of opinion than I have come to expect. OTOH, an anti-war friend of mine pointed out the sensational NY Post headline, so I guess there’s something here for everyone.

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