“You can stop Illinois from having the highest tax rates in the world.”

The Illinois tax hike has not passed yet.

“Illinois Democrats don’t have the votes yet to pass their economy crushing, job killing, freedom stealing 75% tax increase. Governor Quinn, House Speaker Madigan and Senate President Cullerton came to an agreement last week on the proposed tax increase, but they’ve been unsuccessful in convincing enough Democrat members of the House and Senate to support this man caused disaster.”

I wrote about this a few days ago. I figured it was a forlorn hope. But I was wrong.

They don’t have the votes. So far. The lame duck session ends tomorrow. It may actually be possible to stop this thing.

If you have not contacted your state representative and senator, please go to the link, get their contact information, and (politely) tell them that you oppose the tax increase.

The solution to the mess in Illinois is recognizing our limits, cutting spending, and creating a decent climate for growth and job creation.

The solution is emphatically not hammering the taxpayers and making our already uncompetitive state even worse.

It is not too late. It can be stopped. Help stop it.

2 thoughts on ““You can stop Illinois from having the highest tax rates in the world.””

  1. Here’s the contact info for the six Republican traitors planning to stab Illinois taxpayers in the back:

    Roger Eddy – (217) 558-1040
    Ronald Wait – (217) 782-0548
    Dave Winters – (217) 782-0455
    Bob Biggins – (217) 782-6578
    Dale Risinger – (217) 782-1942
    Larry Bomke – (217) 782-0228

    Let them know this would be a career ending move.

    Find out more here.

  2. It’s time the state of Illinois eliminate ALL pensions and swing that money into 401K’s like the rest of the corporate America. Why should government employees have the right to a guaranteed retirement pay and not be require to save like everyone else? Why does no one want to bring this idea to the table?

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