Pending a much longer post I’m working on about violent rhetoric and violence in public life — lined up behind a book review I must finish — here’s a DoubleQuote which neatly encapsulates the weirdness of the parallels between different versions of religious hatred:

Sad, sad, sad.

6 thoughts on “Rhetoric?”

  1. I heard this morning on the news that those asshats from Westboro were going to picket the little girl’s funeral. Not much gets me genuinely upset anymore, but that story got my goat.

    If I was the parents of that girl at the funeral I would be a seething cauldron of rage and would probably go ballistic on those picketers. I would probably have to leave instructions for my wife to restrain me/keep me out of the sight line of them or a bunch of them would get a quick lesson in striking. I just wish they would go back into their hole of hate and go away. Permanently.

  2. After reading up on Fred Phelps and Westboro “Baptist” (they have no affiliation with any denomination, Baptist or otherwise) I have to wonder how large a role mental illness plays in their behavior.

    The more I read of their ideas and quotes, the more it seems that they’re not so much hateful as just raving insane. They’re angry at various groups for the same reason that some people are angry at the aliens they believe are transmitting messages into their brains.

    As far as I can tell, almost all the Westboro members are direct descendants of Fred Phelps’ and maybe one other man.

  3. The head of Phoenix’ biggest, worst behaved motorcyle gang announced yesterday that they were heading to Tucson to assure the Westboro Baptit crowd did not disturb the family at the little girl’s funeral.

    “It makes me sick to my stomach,” said Glen Littell, who’s bringing a pack of bikers from the Phoenix Motorcycle Rider Group to Tucson on Thursday. “They’re a stench from a slaughterhouse. We’re just going to block the stench so the family can catch their breath.”

    Littell added that he had extended an invitation to Hell’s Angels to join them. “Nothing says stand back and be silent like a Hells Angels presence,” he said.

    Today the Westboro Church announced that they had changed their plans and would not be at the funeral after all. Apparently the Westboro crowd is not as dumb as they look.

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