Whatta Jerk

That would be the coy Tom Bihn, handbag designer extraordinary.

The bag’s designer Tom Bihn never guessed that purses with the message, “We’re sorry our president is an idiot. We didn’t vote for him” — inscribed in French — would be blowing out of the stores.

“It is a mystery, but since we launched the bags with the label sewn, sales have doubled,” said Bihn, 43. “It is a record in the history of the company.”

He denies the message is targeting US President George W. Bush (news – web sites).

“It depends on either your nationality, or the president you think is an idiot; you choose.”

Ha ha ha! And nobody can accuse Tom of partisanship, because he told us himself that his little canard isn’t aimed at our Prez. Of course not, that’s why the lettering is in French.

Stick to designing handbags, Tom. Leave the comedy to professionals.

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10 thoughts on “Whatta Jerk”

  1. this blog is soooo bogus

    my god, why don’t you chicago boyz sign up and do some fighting for this country!

    you all have such zeal!!!

  2. The person who left that comment left a similar comment on another thread yesterday. You have to wonder why, if he thinks this blog lacks merit, he keeps coming back. Maybe, as in the old joke, he doesn’t come here for the hunting.

  3. As to joining up and fighting for my country, I’m too old. I would have after 9/11. In fact, I looked into it.

    That said, the policy I’m going to adopt on my posts from now on is to delete any comments like Mr. Hahahaha’s which, while not exactly offensive, are inane and add nothing to the discussion. Life’s to short to provide a forum for such persons.

  4. As for why they keep coming back, that was part of the Rochester Theory in my ‘Blame Storming Mania’ post a while back : “People do seek out contrary opinion, not to test their own, but to beat it up in demonstration of their moral superiority.” And, also, as in this case, their intellectual limitations.

  5. Apart from wether or not your president is an idiot, (we can’t claim any superiority with a prime minister who looks like Harry Potter, and acts like a magicians’ apprentice.) this reminds me of a story I read in a Dutch National Geographic type mag. Apparently in the eighties when garments with Chinese characters on them were popular, one of the most popular T-shirts actually said: “I’m a buffoon for wearing a T-shirt without knowing what it says.”

    Sorry for the long absence, by the way. Starting a TV station is hard work.

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