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    Posted by Jonathan on April 30th, 2004 (All posts by )


    15 Responses to “Photo”

    1. R. Darren Brewer Says:

      Nice ride. Did you see the bike built around the Viper V-10? I posted a link in the comments here a while back. Outrageous.

      Here’s the link.

    2. R. Darren Brewer Says:

      Another view.

    3. R. Darren Brewer Says:

      It’s Freudian, I know.

    4. Andy B Says:

      Where did you spy that one?

    5. Jonathan Says:

      In the garage of a local condo. It’s a geezer bike.

    6. in-cog-nito Says:


    7. Scott Says:

      Paul Sr: “Where are my tools? Where the hell are all of my damned tools!?”
      Paul Jr: “There he goes…”

    8. David Dylan Says:

      Schweeeeeeet…. :) But a bit flashy for my taste. Basic Black impresses far more, IMHO.

    9. Jonathan Says:

      Actually, it’s a metallic lime green, which looks great with all that chrome. And it’s immaculate.

    10. David Dylan Says:

      Well, I wouldn’t turn one down if I won one on a TV show… ;-) But my taste still runs more towards the Spyker C8, check it out here:

      The power of chrome on black… :-)

    11. David Dylan Says:

      By the way; this car is obviously not someone’s personal project, they are, however, VERY nice. They are hand-built and as customer you get to watch the proceedings through a webcam. Nice touch. :)

      The people of the Spyker company have been extremely generous in helping me with my research for my next book, too. (The main anti-hero character drives a C8.)


    12. Jonathan Says:

      Very nice.

      I wonder how it compares to the remarkable Foochi Manuli.

    13. David Dylan Says:

      Nice rear end, but I’d like to see the rest. :-)

      As for the Spyker: The only one on the Dutch roads (I’ve been told) was pulled over on a cop show a while back… this is a car that looks best when moving awaaaaay from the cop car… :)

    14. Jonathan Says:

      Here ya go.

      I think the trick is to dress right. Then you can talk your way out of a ticket.


    15. David Dylan Says:

      Now that is a nice…. um, car… ! ;-)

      Anyway, the Spyker driver got away with it by allowing the cops to see under the hood… drooling cops, nice… ;)