7 thoughts on “New Boyz on the Block”

  1. Kind of off-topic but is anyone going to the Gypsy Kings concert on July 17 in Chicago? I’m coming up with friends from Florida and some from Detroit. We’re staying at the Hotel Allegro if anyone wants to meet up for drinks… –scott

  2. Scott, give me more details about these Gypsy Kings. Who are they, why are they good, where are they playing … . And, yes, such questions are always pertinent.

  3. The Gipsy Kings just so happen to be the greatest living band on this planet. Don’t let the “french” nationality fool you. These guys are the living decendants of Eqyptian Pharoahs and or Indian Princes!(depending on who you ask) …who’s seeds of diaspora found purchase in Gaul. I would usually only recommend the flamenco music of southern Spain. However, this ensemble of brothers and cousins consumed the better part of my musical upbringing, before I realized how all things French are evil. This is my last remaining vice in life…besides billiards, gin and tobacco, that is.

    Playing the Chicago Theatre on July 17. Buy their CD “Roots” immediatley, if you want a better day for yourself…and frankly, in order to have a better life. You’ll thank me over shots and beers one day soon, I assure you.

    Kind Regards. –scott

  4. That’s because you haven’t seen my evil side…

    Yes, the Gypsy Kings are excellent. Their live performances are highly recommended. I’d even consider making the trip myself.

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