7 thoughts on “Compare and Contrast”

  1. I would say they both may have had mental problems but, clearly Hassan was an ideologue, likely with mental problems; and Loughlin was clearly deranged and incomprehensible.

    The motivation of Hassan (Islam, the guiding ideas of the possibly unstable mind) is downplayed ignored by media, government, and the apparently weak-kneed politically-correct Army. Nuts or sane, he was guided by the koran.

    In contrast, the motivation of Loughlin is assumed to be derived from talk-radio, incivility, and rightest personalities without the slightest indication of it being so.

    It’s probably just stupidity or one might be forced start thinking about a vast left-wing conspiracy.

  2. It is possible that both labels jointly describe both actors.

    It is equally possible that the labels are entirely mismatched.

    It is highly unlikely that the labels, as given, describe all of either situation.

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