Hidden Agenda

An op-ed in Time magazine seems to be a refutation of claims to a growing terrorist threat from Muslims in the United States, but uses that pretext to push one of the Left’s most cherished and discredited agendas.

The author does get a few things right, pointing out that those of the Islamic faith here in the US are more integrated and moderate than anywhere else in the Western world. He also states that the vast majority of wannabee Jihad Johnnies are disgruntled loners that act without backing from any terrorist organization. The only time he goes off the rails is when he handwaves the horrific attack carried out by Major Hasan at Fort Hood in 2009. It wasn’t terrorism because Hasan wasn’t shooting civilians, you see!

That single gross and deliberate distortion of the issue aside, the author does make a pretty good case for his premise that claims concerning an ever escalating level of terrorism from the Muslim population in the US are overblown. But, even though he is very clear that a significant threat has yet to emerge, he is very clear as to what should be done about it.

Gun control!

The gun laws in the US are inadequate, he says. The legal means to procure and own guns is a bigger threat to the safety of average citizens than home grown Islamic terrorism. Better tighten down, at least when it comes to “unstable individuals“.

So the people who worship at mosques aren’t a problem, but we need more gun control anyway? The author conflates a lack of a threat with a call for decreased liberty?

And Liberals keep insisting that the Slippery Slope theory of gun control is nothing but a fallacy!

3 thoughts on “Hidden Agenda”

  1. If Hasan was not a terrorist, then he was a soldier, but not one of ours. If he was a soldier, whose was he? The answer can only be Islam, a religious polity above petty nations, and therefore we are at war with Islam itself in a contest that must end with the annihilation of one side or the other. Act now before it’s too late.

  2. The FBI are very worried about recruitment in prison. I doubt we will see huge conspiracies from prison recruited jihadis, if for no other reason than they are uneducated and mostly low IQ. The terrorist conspiracies have been run by engineers and doctors. But the lone jihadis have been around for some time. It was nearly ten years ago when a limousine driver with no history of questionable association attacked the El Al counter at LAX. He lived about 12 miles from me in a very middle class city of Irvine.

    Time seems to be circling the drain with Newsweek.

  3. Even if only 5% or 10% of Muslims are jihadis, that is far too high a number to tolerate. the logical solution is clear, but it will take repeated atrocities before the public accepts it. the solution is to
    end Muslim immigration and tourism, to expel Muslim non-citizens, and to offer financial incentives for
    citizen muslims to return home.

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