Photos For The Weekend

1. Jan Bussey’s photo blog, Cascade Exposures, features her photos from in and around Seattle. Lots of great macro lens images. She keeps a few albums at the bottom of her page but most of her photos never make it there. Just page through her archives. Jan’s not a professional, though she certainly has the technique of one.

2. One of my daughters and I visited the Udvar-Hazy Center at Dulles Airport about three months ago. If you really like aircraft, you should drop by. It’s not quite as impressive, either architecturally or in terms of content, as the National Air Space Museum in Washington, DC. Udvar-Hazy is sort of a branch office, a place to display some of the artifacts they have no room for at the main building.

Perhaps the single most important artifact on display at Udvar-Hazy is the fully restored Enola Gay. This, of course, is the plane that dropped the worlds first atomic bomb on Hiroshima. In an amazing display of technological development a person can stand, as we did, and see a 1930’s era biplane hanging from the ceiling rafters, then adjacent to it and sitting on the floor, mid-1940’s technology in a Boeing B-29 – which in itself was an amazing leap forward technologically from the biplane – and adjacent to that an early 1960’s era SR-71 Blackbird. To this day, an SR-71 looks like something that flew in from the future. I stumbled onto a great photo gallery of Udvar-Hazy at Curious Lee.

3. Finally, a small album of photos I took in and around San Diego harbor a few years back.


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  1. Mike you little ba%&^%d… I didn’t know you posted on other weblogs. I wondered why I got six hits in the space of 4 minutes from the same site ;^). Thanks for the link! I’m glad you picked the mountain shot for your post, it’s been pouring rain here for two days now, and nary a mountain is in sight. Darn cold rain too.

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