31 thoughts on “Why I’m Thinking of Voting for Kerry”

  1. She’s not bad, I’d vote for her.

    Doesn’t matter much to me. Kerry will muck things up, but he won’t destroy civilization.

  2. For the love of God, consider that you are mistaken.

    I hear Jenna and Barbara‘s tits are spectacular and put Kerry’s to shame.

    That you haven’t seen them is no reason to hasten the downfall of civilization.

  3. Too funny! Good morning Jonathan, thanks for the laugh. Grim start to the market, India market crashed over night…

  4. In-cog, would that have anything to do w/the poor voting in the socialist? I wonder if immigrations will temporarily increase here?

    Cause, meet effect?

  5. Andy: I fixed the problem. Thank God for Drudge.

    Sandy: Someone else saw the vast cultural potential of the domain name before I did. What can I say.

    In-Cog: Sandy makes a good point, no?

    Morty: OK, I’ll reconsider. At least Bush’s daughters don’t hang out with the eurosocialist trash at the film fest.

  6. Re: Chicagoboyz.com, yes, I found out the hard way as well logging in from my sister’s computer…

    Re: India, exactly Sandy P. The socialists are raising hoopla about stopping privitization, which have been a major draw for foreign capital coming into India.

  7. What I find interesting is that is this the 1st time she’s visited Cannes? Or is this the first time she’s worthy of a pic?

  8. Seriously, I don’t find the “John Kerry is insanely rich and his wife is, too” rhetoric – of which the New York Post to which Jonathan linked -to be very convincing. Perhaps he is inconsistent on issues such as defense (among others) and perhaps his foreign policy proposals are actually inane, but in terms of personal wealth, Kerry and Bush are pretty much in the same league. Allright, so Ms. Kerry has this lavish business jet (apparently with plasma screens, as an outraged journalist reported as if they cost a million bucks), but then Bush has this huge ranch and made good money with the Rangers. This can go very far, like some pundit whose name I’ve forgotten saying that Kerry looks French, but then I could say that Bush looks Greek or German or whatnot. It would be very sad if Kerry’s or Bush’s comparative riches or their physical alikeness to other nationalities were to become campaign issues when there are already so much to be discussed. It is through a candidate’s position on issues that that candidate’s real value can be discovered. And plasma screens are not that good, apparently.

  9. “Emotionally unsuited”? He feels and acts as a natural aristocrat born to rule. Will have no moral doubts about himself as president. He knows it is right and it was ordered so. And he has a cute daughter too.

  10. Forget about emotionally unsuited.

    Sumbitch is gonna raise my taxes. That’s three strikes right there.

  11. No, he’s very consistent on Defense: Kerry has voted against every single weapons system that has come up for vote in the Senate while he’s been there.

    Remind me again what the primary function of the Federal govt. is supposed to be? Oh right, defense…only we won’t actually make any freakin’ new WEAPONS, at least not if everyone else in the Senate had voted as John Fucknut Kerry did.

  12. Ann Althouse argued that Miss Kerry’s self-exposure was unintentional, and I think that’s probably correct. Intentionally exposed or no, I think she looks OK.

    John Kerry’s wealth and appearance aren’t problems for me, but his character and policy prescriptions are.

  13. Kerry’s wealth is an issue because GW Bush’s wealth is and always has been an issue. Looks like fair play to me.

    I can’t wait until I hear the correlary to “Big Oil” owning the White house: Do we really want a bunch Big Ketchup guys running our country from behind the scenes? 30 years of regulations meant to protect the country from the rotten excesses of Big Ketchup will all be flushed down the toilet by a corrupt Kerry administration. Of course you know who was behind the Reagan administration declaring that Ketchup was a vegetable don’t you? The School lunch program in America will never be the same. But this has the potential to be the most overt takeover of our government by a condiment industry in our history. This guy must be stopped!

    Why is the media not pursuing this angle more aggressively?

    But I him give credit, a Senator marrying condiment heiress doesn’t come along everyday. He snatched her right up before the body was even cold.

  14. I suppose I could, but don’t they use cups for this purpose? Talk about your labor-saving devices. . .. .

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