A bit tongue in cheek but over at LITGM we have a bit of a live-blog of Snowpocalypse 2011 (can you copyright that the way Pat Riley supposedly did “three-peat”?) as it hits Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana. Gary in Indiana just yawns I guess they have been hit by a ton of storms already this year and Dan in Madison is used to bone-chilling weather but the fact that the college is closed means that it is a “designated drinking day” (can I patent that?) for students.

Here in Chicago it was pretty much a Snowpocalypse and your intrepid reporter went out for a beer at a local tavern and saw “Thunder Snow” for the first time. Catch it here.

7 thoughts on “Snowpocalypse”

  1. They have been promising 24″ of snow here for today since 3 days ago, but so far it has been simply raining freezing sheets of water. Don’t know what’s worse.

  2. Thunder and lightning during a snow storm — very strange.

    We have a nice, six foot drift in the back yard.

  3. My daughter and her bf had scheduled a long weekend in FL that started last Thursday. They mad their plans in December. They were scheduled to come back to Chicago on Tuesday. That plane was canceled on Monday. On Tuesday, the Wednesday plane was canceled. I wonder when they will be able to return?

  4. My niece had a similar experience in England before Christmas when they had trouble getting back to Chicago because of the snow there. Heathrow was closed for days. They made it back Christmas Eve.

    In the 1967 blizzard, my father could not find his car for a week. The snow was bad enough, then came the plows to really bury everything. This has been predicted to be as bad. We were forecast last weekend to get a couple of inches of snow, here in the mountains near LA, but none stayed on the ground even though it was 26 at night. As it went east, I guess it picked up a lot more snow and cold.

  5. Here in Texas, we are not getting snow but the temps are down in the teens. Since most of the heating in Texas is done with electricity, we are experiencing state wide rolling 15 minute blackouts to keep the grid up.

  6. We got snow in my corner of Texas. 3-4 inches in Wichita Falls, near the Oklahoma border. Bitter cold temperatures across the state, including the far south and there’s already talk of it affecting the warm weather crops in the Rio Grande Valley (grapefruit, etc).

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