“We are going after the rent-seeking corporations feeding at the public trough.”

Next Tea Party Target: Corporate America.

New polls show “companies could suffer when conservatives are told of their support for Obama’s agenda.”

How about that?

“For too long, big business elites have leveraged their special interest group politics to profit from the size and growth of government. The poll demonstrates that the days of easy money through back room deals are over.”

So sayeth FreedomWorks president Matt Kibbe.

Well all right then.

About damn time.

“It’s never been a free market; it’s never gonna be a free market. That’s just the way it is.”

Jeffrey Immelt

“The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

George Orwell, Animal Farm

“. . . now, splendidly, everything had become clear. The enemy at last was plain in view, huge and hateful, all disguise cast off. It was the Modern Age in arms. Whatever the outcome there was a place for him in that battle.”

Evelyn Waugh, Sword of Honor

7 thoughts on ““We are going after the rent-seeking corporations feeding at the public trough.””

  1. About darn time. I nominate Pfizer and Its former cultish CEO Jeff Kindle. The man and his ELT were not only Obama lackeys and early pushers of Obamacare, but also destroyed a venerable pharma called Wyeth. Roast them patriots and find Kindle and roast him too.

  2. 2010 – GE is the largest corporate lobbyist and big supporter of the Obama administration

    February 2011 – GE receives the first waiver granted by the EPA from new rules limiting greenhouse gas emmissions from new or expanding power plants

    Hmmmmm …. coincidence? I think not.

  3. My career has been in mega-infrastructure projects, specifically nuclear power plants. Not a small business by any means.

    We have to realize that, yes, some big business leader actively structure their companies to push for special deals, but often government actively works like a mob protection racket, forcing companies to “join the team… or else.”

    For example, loan guarantees for new nuclear power plants. Wall Street will not finance a new plant without a federal loan guarantee. Why? Because 1) private investors have already lost BILLIONS on nukes due to the government changing its mind and 2) if the government doesn’t have some skin in the game, you know that you will NEED that loan guarantee – they’ll make sure of it.

    But understand, the guarantee is only against government changing the terms or withdrawing permission. The technical and market risks remain with the investors.

    But if you’d like an example of a nuclear loan guarantee that is pure rent seeking, check out the $2 billion guarentee given by the US taxpayer to the French government!


    Payback for the Valerie Plame/Joe Wilson scandal?

  4. Big Business is essential.

    Doing big things in a big way is a big part of what America is all about.

    The problem is when that bigness is used to coopt and employ government power.

    Some of this will always happen.

    This is especially so where foreign governments are much worse about backing favored businesses.

    But what we have now has gone way, way too far.

    We need to push back, cut back on the regulatory state, cut back on access to bailouts and moral hazard, cut back on a byzantine tax code.

    Furthermore, too many Conservatives see an overly simple “business good / government bad” dichotomy. The fact is, the line between business and government is far too blurred, and that very combination is the worst thing of all.

    Seeing a Tea Party organization “getting it” is a very hopeful sign.

  5. “We need to push back, cut back on the regulatory state,”

    Nailed it. Mike Royko’ biography of Mayor Daley describes the use of “fetch’em bills” to force regulated companies ( utilities, railroad, etc.) to expeditiously shower incumbents with gifts ( say, proposing moving railroad lines 6 feet in either direction). Take away that regulatory power and big business won’t be wasting resources on political hacks.

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