Three Times is Slavery and Treason: The Sequel

What is it about leftwing organizations and teenage sex slaves?

Not in my wildest dreams would I think I would have to write a post like this one ever again. Yet, here we are.

Planned Parenthood is clearly the target of a successful ACORN style sting. The investigators released one video, got the Planned Parenthood executives and supporters to go on record saying that the one incident was just a fluke and indicated nothing but one corrupt employee. Once the defenders had staked out their position in the ambush zone, the investigators spring another video. We can assume there are at least three tapes in the queue waiting to pop up and continue the story.

The really weird thing is that you would assume that the Planned Parenthood people would have been on their guard after the whole ACORN sting went down. I mean, how stupid can these people be?

I bet they weren’t even paying attention. They were probably all too busy down in the basement obsessively watching The Handmaid’s Tale over and over again.

Well, they better look up from their fantasies and start paying attention because they’re two strikes down. One more and they’re out of the game.

2 thoughts on “Three Times is Slavery and Treason: The Sequel”

  1. Shannon,

    Paradigm shifts are like that.

    Planned Parenthood has spent decades with the media and the leaders of popular culture on their sides.

    Times have changed while they have gotten arrogant, inflexible and intellectually vapid, thinking they could get away with…well you know.

    Today I have a photo album of my unborn child with digital files of the little bean’s heart beat.

    PP, otoh, is providing knowingly providing abortions to pimps running sex slaves.

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