7 thoughts on “Warning!”

  1. Duuude, you are going to get soooo hiiiigh.

    Hope you don’t have a drug test this year. Is that black stuff all poppy seeds? Kidding aside, surely that’ll put you right to sleep.

  2. Dude I want some of that.

    The poppyseed crescent pastries from Lutz Bakery in Chicago were like this, packed with dense, black, granular poppyseed yumminess. I need to go back over there soon.

  3. My mother-in-law used to make great poppyseed rolls – generous with the poppy seed. But even she didn’t make ones that oozed them like this. What kind of bakery? (One of the 1968 emigres went with us to her place one week-end; when he saw the poppyseed roll his eyes teared up and he couldn’t talk.)

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