Where’s Tobruk?

Recently Libya has been in the news as protests rise against their long-time strongman.  In all the news pictures that I see, however, one question keeps popping up in my mind – “Where’s Tobruk?”  If you are thinking the same thing maybe you grew up on Avalon Hill games, too.  I think that there is a 2-1 attack coming with a 1 in 6 chance of elimination (now that is for the real diehards).

13 thoughts on “Where’s Tobruk?”

  1. Wow! Hours to set-up and play, and don’t bump the table! Game pieces will go everywhere. Thanks for the blast from the past.

  2. Growing up in South Dallas I was a typical urban street urchin. We ran from the police, caused trouble and generally explored the wrong paths of youth. One day we were going through a dumpster and found a curious box: “France 1940” for a whole year we were hooked. The police probably thought we had been killed off.

    Amazing what a bunch of knucklehead kids are capable of when you give them something that is clearly over their heads but has a compelling interest.

    Hadn’t thought of that in years, thanks.

  3. I learned to hate strong breezes playing Advanced Squad Leader; Advanced Squad Leader is better than regular Dungeons and…I mean Squad Leader.

  4. sorry about the triple post. I thought the first two tries had gotten eaten by your spam filter. Feel free to delete them.

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