6 thoughts on “Falsifying Reagan”

  1. We see things not as they are but as we are. Say what you will about RR, but I do recall, alasa,when he placed a wreath at the SS Nazi cemetary to honor those “herooes.,” and remarked that they were like the Jews who died in the camps! Elie Wiesel and many others advised against going there but he went. As for comparison with Bush: bot big spenders, but one called a great communicator and the other a babbler–you pick which is which.

  2. Freddie, the grave at Bitburg contained some SS troops, yes, but overall Reagan was simply honoring the general war dead that are commemorated by the memorial. Germany, you know, was like our ally and shit during the cold war, in case you forgot. –s

  3. Yes, of course. A cherry-picked gaffe reveals Reagan’s true (though otherwise well hidden) pro-Nazi and anti-Jewish sentiments. What was that you said about seeing things not as they are but as we are? How apt.

  4. Prof. Diggins wants his own version of history. It may influence people who didn’t live through those times. Today’s college students are post Reagan.

  5. The Times is praising Reagan…but only as a means to bash Bush (who is following a Reaganite ‘roll-back’ policy).

    Reagan meant to end, not win, the Cold War?

    “My theory of the Cold War is that we win and they lose.”

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