12 thoughts on “Today’s Haiku”

  1. I always do that. The worst is when I go to Costco. A week later, we usually throw half of what we bought out.

  2. Jonathan,
    Sounds like you need a few more mouths to feed down there, I’ll send my kids. Or you could just gorge yourself and have a massive colon blow the next day.

  3. “Massive colon blow”
    Repulsive mental image
    No thanks for sharing

    Cauliflower too
    Frequently rots in the fridge
    Since no one likes it

  4. Wonderful Haiku! The combination of libertarian capitalism and minimalist Asian poetry yields unexpected pleasures – a virtual fortune cookie of Friedman-esque whimsy.

    I had a friend who was off to Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. His experiences were best summed up by the following haiku, which he was “inspired” to write:

    Skeeters sting all night
    Cannot sleep: I have strange dreams.
    Send more quinine please.

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