Saturday Night at the Protest, Part One

Images and video of the protests here in Madison below the fold from Saturday night if you are interested.

Saturday, February 19 I decided to go down to the capitol building here in Madison to see what was going on. Just in case, I armed myself with things that I am legally allowed to carry concealed.

Collapsable baton courtesy of James.

The following photos and video were taken a few hours after the enormous protests and counter protests of earlier on this day. Crowds were estimated at 70k. When I got there, the place was pretty quiet. It is about 8pm. Here is a video of the outside. I approached the wrong door. They had two doors of the building opened.

Here is what I found when I found the correct entrance. This video is very telling, for two reasons. The first is that the place had a lot of people in it, but I was able to easily walk right up to the center of the demonstrations. Secondly, well I will wait until you view the video for my second point.

Notice anything? Almost every single one of the normal looking adults in the place were simply standing and observing. Not holding signs, not yelling, clapping, nothing. Almost every single one of the people yelling, drumming and on the bullhorn were one of two types of people: college kids, or dead enders.

What a sorry display this is. More in the coming days.

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6 thoughts on “Saturday Night at the Protest, Part One”

  1. Dan,

    Thank you for entering the belly of the beast for our benefit. I fervently hope that you were able to shower in Hibiclens once you got home, to avoid a MRSA infection from that lot.

    I saw nothing that I did not expect there, but I have to mention something that struck me. Apparently, a goodly chunk of the UW band was there lending support. It is their right, of course to protest anything within the bounds of the law. However, they had what appears to be band equipment that belongs to the UW. Are they allowed to remove such from campus and take it elsewhere other than perhaps home for practice? Are they allowed to use state property for “public performances” outside of the UW aegis? Who is financially liable if it is damaged or lost? The taxpayers of Wisconsin? If not allowed, videos identify the band members, and the equipment. If charges are possible, let it be done. With the appropriate effect on band membership and attached scholarships in the event of a conviction. Actions => consequences.

    And because I am not a nice person, I admit that if I was a Wisconsin legislator and after this is resolved; I would be offering the thought legislatively that perhaps in the time of budget shortfalls, they should not be offering quite as many scholarships for UW band members. That budget line item could be cut at least in half.

    Subotai Bahadur

  2. Interesting thought. I theorize that these were UW band members but honestly have no clue. From the drumming, I have to admit that I hope that the UW band people are a lot more talented than that. I do not know if the kids have to pay for their own instruments or if they are state property. If they are state property that could make it interesting.

    Many more photos and video in the days to come.

  3. email sent to UW Music Director:
    Dear Mr. Schaffer,
    On Saturday night I was at the capitol building to view the protest action. I have on video tape and still photographs images of many people who are using instruments to generate noise in the capitol rotunda. Instruments seen are drums, saxophone, trombone and trumpet. Most of these people seemed to be the age of university undergraduates. I do not know if any of the people I witnessed were members of the UW Band or part of the UW School of Music.

    My question to you is do members of the UW Band or UW School of Music use instruments that are owned by the taxpayers of the State of Wisconsin and if so, is this an authorized use of these instruments? Or do the band and music students own their own instruments?

    I don’t have a problem with anyone attending a rally on their own time, however the use and wear of instruments that are taxpayer owned, I assume, is frowned upon outside of standard practices and performances.

    Thank you for your time in advance, Dan

    *Lex – I would send this to my state senator, but he isn’t around to answer it :(

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