Even Iran is Calling Out Libya

In an amazing display of “the pot calling the kettle black” Iran’s dictator figurehead Mahmoud has condemned the use of overwhelming force in Libya.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has condemned the killings of protesters in Libya, calling the government’s actions there “unimaginable.” Ahmadinejad said Wednesday that Arab leaders must listen to their people, and he questioned how leaders could use “machine guns, tanks and bombs” against their citizens.

Like the use of anti-aircraft weaponry against unarmed protesters, getting the government of Iran to call you out represents new and un-precedented lows for Gaddafi.

Now we need to start thinking of what the end game will look like for Gaddafi and his cronies. It is hard to see what country would be willing to take him in now that he has been thoroughly discredited. You never know, but even when Iran’s dictator who has no qualms about calling for the execution of opposition leaders says that your actions are “unimaginable” it is hard to see where you are going to find a happy home.

I briefly thought about putting a “humor” tag on this post but I can’t bring myself to do it.

6 thoughts on “Even Iran is Calling Out Libya”

  1. The frightening thing is, the Iranian leaders probably see no irony in calling out Libya Qaddafi for attacking his own population.

    In their ideology, the mullah have a (literal) God given right to use whatever means necessary to politically dominate Iran and eventually the rest of the world. Protestors against their regime are thwarting the will of good and deserve what they get.

    Qaddafi, however, is a jumped up Marxist-atheist who only adopted the trappings of Sunni Islam of political necessity. From the perspective of the Iranian mullahs, he has no moral right to carry out any political action much less killing his own civilians.

    The mullahs political theory is not based on universalism as are the political theories of the West (especially America.) They sincerely believe in the concept of divinely anointed priest-kings who possess a moral authority granted to no one else. This belief is just as dangerous as the Communist belief in historical inevitability. It lets them morally justify almost any actions and it shields them with divine power from fearing the consequences of those actions.

  2. Well, taking a 40mm cannon round makes you deader than a AK-47 round. Right?

    Good grief, the irony of Iran denouncing Libya boggles the mind.

    At least Gaddafi doesn’t pretend to be anything other than what he is.

  3. Is anyone setting up a betting pool for how many days longer Ghadaffy-Duck will last, under current conditions before achieving room temperature? Can I get in for Friday, noon GMT? I know – schadenfreude is not ladylike, but he funded a lot of extra-Libyan terrorist groups and made himself fairly obnoxious to American interests (and deadly to American service-people) for quite a while. Not to mention his sartorial choices, which also explored whole new frontiers of appallingly bad taste. I will positively enjoy watching him go down, and I will not feel a single twinge of sympathy or pity.

  4. Really the situation in Libya and Middle East created new financial and crude oil crisis, which in my eyes will be harder than the one happened last year. Terrible, but such dictators should be removed from the governments.

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