Protests Petering Out

Ann Althouse put up a video from yesterday, and it is an important one.

I mentioned in the comment thread to my last video that I have been very busy this week and haven’t had time to go to the square or even look at the local news to see what is going on down there. From this video you can see that the “protests” have dwindled down to a few hundred people, most of which I can assume are complete dead enders/students/both. I have a few thoughts as to why this may be.

I believe that everyone has “protest fatigue”. There have been so many people down there for so long I think that folks have an income need and have gotten back to work, or just plain old want to do something else with their spare time. Also, I am thinking that the chanting and drum circle thing may have finally gotten under some thinking people’s skin. If you are a normally sane person and have never been to a protest like this, it must be mind numbing. Lastly, and perhaps not leastly, I believe that the unions may be short on ca$h. It isn’t cheap to bus in loads of protesters from far away places day after day. And perhaps pay the professional protesters.

Cudos to Althouse and her husband for cleaning up the garbage from the memorial to the fallen soldier from the Civil War. The cop has some interesting things to say as well.

2 thoughts on “Protests Petering Out”

  1. Speaking of unions short on cash, you can check out Classical Values post The loan arranger – detailing the debt SEIU owes to various banks.

    Must be especially galling to those folks who don’t want to be part of the union and have no choice and no voice.

  2. Someone I talked to was in the Capitol today and his exact quote was that it had been turned into a “flophouse”.

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