It’s Not As Bad As Some People Think

Anecdotes like this one (via Andy B) make me a little less worried about the decline of our society. They provide some evidence that not only are leftists like Michael Moore, who hold Americans in contempt, mistaken, but so to some extent are conservatives who fret about cultural decadence. Whatever the social problems caused by the welfare state and government schools, and there are many, most Americans still seem to turn out OK.

Perhaps intellectuals, both left and right, worry too much.

5 thoughts on “It’s Not As Bad As Some People Think”

  1. Jonathan, I’m still worried. Those passengers were clearly baby-killing imperialist lackeys of the smirking chimp who was selected by 5 Supreme Court justices and is nothing but a tool of HALLIBURTON!!! NO WMD NO YELLOWCAKE BUSH LIED SANCTIONS KILLED IRAQIS AFGHANISTAN PIPELINE CARLYLE GROUP

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