Order a Large Pepperoni for Freedom

Mark F. Pasquale, owner of Halftime Pizza, is a victim of a collectivist government program. The Democratic National Convention is being held at the Fleet Center, directly across from his shop. This would seem like a good thing, on the surface, but it has turned out to be a disaster for him. In their zeal to prove that there really is such a thing, the Democrats are providing a free lunch for the attendees. He will be closing his shop next week until the parasites leave and the free market is again permitted to operate on Causeway Street. He will be playing golf instead, but before leaving, he raised his banner of defiance against tyranny.

Pretty good pies, too.

3 thoughts on “Order a Large Pepperoni for Freedom”

  1. I love it when the same people who scream about free speech are threatening to fine the owner if he doesn’t take it down. Now that, ladies and gentleman, is government censorship.

  2. Five bucks says while the owner is out of town, some liberal tears down the sign or otherwise defaces it.

  3. I’ll take that bet if you’ll give me 50 to 1 odds. Frankly, I’m surprised it lasted long enough for a picture — the photographer must have shot at 1/1000 at most.

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