I went into Boston today to see the preparations for the Democratic National Convention. I was hoping to see some giant puppet heads (am I the only one who wonders how flammable they are?), but I seem to have been too early. The anti-war protesters were gathering on the Common and apparently later marched to the Fleet Center, but it must have been a slow march. They were supposed to leave the Common at 2:00, but I left after 2:30 without seeing or hearing them. Since most of them are from out of town, it is quite possible that they got lost.

There are photos, entirely without esthetic merit, on the continuation page.

View from Zakim Bridge
On the way in, you can see why Rte. 93 will be closed while the convention is, er, convening. The Fleet Center is that low, flat-topped building immediately to the right of the bridge.

Darkness at Noon
This is the view across Causeway Street toward the Fleet Center. There are four close-meshed wire barriers between me and the other side. The street is dark because of the elevated track of the Green Line, which was supposed to have come down. Instead, it is being used as an additional barrier and a support for the nets and wire fence. It wouldn’t surprise me if there were police and other security people up there.

Inside the Playpen
This is the inside of the “free speech zone.” The current protesters at this time were an anti-abortion group.

View from the Playpen
Here is the view from the “free speech zone” toward the Fleet Center. Some groups have said that this area is too walled off from the convention-goers to make a meaningful impression. We report, you decide.

Halftime Pizza
Halftime Pizza was closed already, but the banner is still there.

Vital services secured
Someone was thinking. A basic service seems to be well-secured.

8 thoughts on “The DNC”

  1. Thanks for the photos Mitch. Glad to see the banner is still up. It’ll be interesting to see if they have the same free speech zone set up for the GOP convention, to be fair and all. It’ll be funny if liberal protesters can roam free.

  2. Just go to the NYT Magazine (Jul 25) and read the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy. It leaves no doubt that the Dems are hopelessly lost, totally cast adrift without any philospohical foundation.

  3. Another example of the DNC’s crack planning. “”

  4. I think the ‘Free Speech Zone” could’ve been planned by the ghost of Mayor Daly.

    It says a lot about the impression the ‘activists’ and anarchists have made on the larger society that when major politcal events occur, they either hold it where the nuts can can’t get near them (like on an island) of they simply put them protesters in cages.

    Maybe this will encourage the reasonable dissenters to sever their ties with the radicals.

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