Loopy Leftist wants Glenn Reynolds Fired

I hate to link to this reptile, but here is a quote from Steve Gilliard, who thinks the execrable Atrios was too easy on Instapundit:

I don’t think anyone should call for him getting fired or shutting down his website or anything draconian like that. [ed. perish forbid!]Just inquire as to whether they share his beliefs, if he is a fitting representative of the University of Tennessee’s College of Law, and if that shirt and his public association as a professor at that school represents the values and ethos of his employer, the state of Tennessee.[ed. and maybe they’ll do the right thing …]

After all public employees across the United States have been sanctioned for expressing racially hostile opinions. [ ed. Remember, he said he didn’t want anything bad to happen because of this shirt. Ohnonononono. Free speech is important, as long as you don’t say something wrong.]And you have to wonder why Reynolds, who I assume is tenured, feels that way about diversity. Does he think his minority students are not as qualified as his white students? Does he think diversity has lowered the quality of the student body at the University of Tennessee College of Law? And is that an opinion shared by the dean and other members of the faculty?

I had a few things to say, but after reading this comment, I wish I’d kept my peace:

Does anybody know of any left wing blogs? I’ve looked around but all I find are parody sites like this one.

3 thoughts on “Loopy Leftist wants Glenn Reynolds Fired”

  1. I liked your comment. There are quite a few good comments on that ridiculous thread, but you have to read them from the bottom up.

  2. There is no way you can parody these folk. Apparently, to support gun rights = racism. What? Never mind that thousands of non-whites, gays, lesbians and various other minority groups also support issues like Glenn’s.

  3. It’s my understanding Reynolds didn’t even utter the supposedly offensive comment about monkeys, and that the guy who did has some kind of ongoing monkey joke at his blog.

    How stupid.

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