Day 3: Welcome To The Midwest

Today’s journey went relatively well. We reached Minneapolis with time to spare, and enjoyed a fine dinner and evening here with our trusted contacts, agents Yogi and Booboo. They have provided a fine and secure safe house here in the suburbs of the Twin Cities, where their high-tech security system protects us from the evil pinko bastards. We will stay here another day enjoying their hospitality before moving on to Chicago on Saturday.

Celebrations of our arrival have led to a large number of Martinis, so I must keep things brief.

Dead bugs on the open road of central South Dakota (we shall crush them!):

Cornflake looking calm:

The Missouri River:


Kerry sez, “this is the result of those Bush tax cuts!”:

God is a force in rural South Dakota:

However, strange, pagan, deities still make their presence felt:

On crossing the Minnesota border, the conversation of the day emerged:

Mojo: “Man, I wish Jesse Ventura was still governor…”
Cornflake: “Huh?”
Mojo: “Oh yeah, I always wished Washington could have ‘the body’ as our governor.”
Cornflake: “Well, I lived under Arnold for a couple of months. It pretty much rocked.”
Mojo: “Yup, it’s the Predator effect. Everybody in that movie would be a great governor.”
Cornflake: “Even that lady who played the commie rebel woman?”
Mojo: “Sure, in a democratic state, I guess. I’d prefer Carl Weathers, myself. Yeah. Carl Weathers in ’04!”
Cornflake: “Hell, why bother with that crap. I nominate the Predator himself!”
Mojo: “Yeah, the old female genitals face! The legislature would be all, ‘we are not voting for your bills!’, and governor Predator would be all like, ‘the hell you are not’, and then he would throw his death Frisbee at them, cutting them in half and nicking the state supreme court in the process. That would totally rock.”

Minneapolis is the first traffic we’ve seen since Seattle, and arriving at rush hour was definitely inconvenient:

Freeway onramps are exceptionally poorly marked in downtown Minneapolis (the Reds I’d wager). Thus, nearly an hour was wasted. The city is one of my favorites, despite the madness…

A big damn flag, outside the city:

Agents Yogi and Booboo, debriefing us:

Mojo and Cornflake, enjoying the fine rewards of a long drive:

More tomorrow…

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