For You Fans of Architecture

I came across a website devoted to the work of John Parkinson, a California architect who’s famous for his work in Los Angeles around 1900.

How famous? Well, Parkinson is credited with building the first skyscraper in downtown LA, but I suppose that agreement depends on your definition of what a skyscraper is.

The website has a really neat map of downtown LA which lists the survivng buildings that Parkinson worked on. Just the thing for a walking tour.

3 thoughts on “For You Fans of Architecture”

  1. I study art and architecture at the University of Maryland and i think that if you liked that you’ll love this!

    Some points of interest regarding Louis Sullivan are that (1) he coined the phrase “form follows function” and (2) he mentored a young Frank Lloyd Wright, who would go on to be considered America’s most famous architect.

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