Here’s What I Want to Know

Can Alan Keyes run for Governor in New Jersey at the same time as he’s running for the Senate in Illinois?

UPDATE: My question was tongue-in-cheek, but only just. As Sandy P. points out in the comments, the Governor scheduled his resignation for too late a date to make an electoral challenge possible in November.

McGreevey was politically astute to go for preemptive full disclosure as soon as it became clear that damaging information about him would eventually come out. Now he puts it behind him and does the national Democrats a favor. If he had denied or been evasive, the leaks and scandal would have been front-page news for a long time and would have diverted badly-needed media attention from John Kerry. And by not resigning immediately he makes it much easier for the NJ Dems to replace him (and thereby does them a favor that he can call in one day). I see Oprah and a comeback in his future.

I’d hate to be his wife or kids, though.

UPDATE 2: Jim Miller makes a number of good points about media complicity in covering up, or at least not asking obvious questions about, McGreevey’s behavior. The Governor apparently arranged both State and private-sector employment for his lover, who was obviously unqualified for the jobs. Miller argues, I think correctly, that such corruption would likely have elicited much more media interest if McGreevey had been heterosexual.

11 thoughts on “Here’s What I Want to Know”

  1. The guy puts a completely non-qualified person into the homeland security slot (israeli citizens are not eligible for security clearances) and the hot rumor is that this is his gay lover.

    If this pans out, he should be impeached to give the people of NJ a say in their next governor.

  2. Even better, he was cavorting w/his lover when he broke his leg and the 2nd wifee skedaddled down to cover.

  3. This is bad enough but he is using it to shield him from the problems that will come up due to his financial shenanigans. They are truly monumental. He is of the same type as Torricelli. They should share a cell together.

    Now the dems will play the gay role and use it to cover up his unethical administration and his financial crimes. He will be playing this for all he is worth in hopes that if you see the handkerchief here you won’t see what the hand was doing over there. He has been playing that game for years. About time he got caught for something!!

  4. Thanks, Dick. That was well stated. I think you’re probably right about how the Democrats will try to play this. I sure hope his tortured-soul act doesn’t get him off the hook for all the corruption.

  5. Obviously she knows the guy well. Maybe she sees marriage to a powerful pol as a desirable goal that outweighs his sexual preferences and character flaws.

  6. I`ve been out of the country and haven`t been following this story, so forgive me if I`m missing important details…

    Remind me… has there been a major politician from Jersey lately who hasn`t been implicated in questionable behavior? Although I hate to defend my former fellow hacks in the press, I suspect that the general lack of coverage is more likely due to cynicism/apathy regarding politics and politicians in the garden State rather than pressure from the infamous gay mafia…

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