New Rose, The Damned (1976)

I went to a hipster wedding on Saturday. The bride was once in a band with my wife. The groom is into what might be called “vintage punk” — i.e. the stuff I grew up on, while he was probably learning his A B Cs or even how to go potty. I don’t think I will ever again be at a wedding where the bride comes down the aisle to New Rose. Groovy stuff. The first punk rock single ever.

Good luck, kids. We love ya.

(I used to have a copy of this single on colored vinyl, bought circa 1979. I wonder what happened to it?)

4 thoughts on “New Rose, The Damned (1976)”

  1. That is interesting. I am sure the parents had a look of wtf on their faces when they played that song, not to mention the grandparents who I am sure had no idea what was going on.

    I have always thought that weddings were shows for families, especially the older folks who are into traditions. Playing this great song probably upset a bunch of people, and I am sure that is partly why it was played. Unless they didn’t bother inviting the older folks, in which case I am completely wrong.

    But this is why my wife and I eloped. Everyone wanted to stick their fingers into our plans and it was getting ugly so we just left, went to New Orleans and came back married. We had a party when we came back so everyone could do their traditional stuff, and everyone was happy except my mother in law who will probably never forgive me but oh well, I guess that is life. Hey, maybe that is how the kids who got married felt.

  2. The parents were there. It was a small event. I think the elders are use to the behavior of the youngsters, in this case. They are both very musical. At my wedding I just let the females handle everything, with the exception of the music — a very good Western Swing band — and showed up in the day. That was the path of least resistance.

  3. My middle daughter planned her own wedding a couple of years ago and chose the historic Orange County Courthouse, which is now used only for weddings. She bought her wedding veil on eBay and the rest was rather non-traditional. I did get to pay for the reception but that was about the only traditional aspect. The family all attended and had a good time. Friends of hers from China even came over for the event.

    My older son, who is also a bit non-traditional, was the one with the formal Catholic wedding, surprising me a bit. Both got married the same summer. Thank God I only had to pay for one.

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