6 thoughts on “Jet Noise, Sound of Freedom”

  1. My Dad was in the Navy (30 years!), and I grew up in Oak Harbor, WA; aka Naval Air Station Whidbey Island.

    Just outside of the main gate onto the base was a very large billboard that depicted A-6 Intruders and EA-6B Prowlers streaking across the sky. The caption?


    The sign isn’t there any more. They really need to put it up again. I still think of “the sound of freedom” whenever I hear military planes flying overhead. Thanks for the happy reminder.

  2. I have a friend who used to fly F-18s. He had a bumper sticker on his car that said “Jet Noise, Sound of Freedom” on it. I grew up near Weymouth Naval Air Station. The whole panoply of Navy aircraft were in and out of there when I was a kid. My Dad took me to the airshows there back when the Blue Angels flew A-4s. He’d try to cover my ears and I wouldn’t let him. I liked the noise.

  3. When I worked DT, it seemed my boss was always out of the office on that Friday. I would spend most of the day watching them turn over the Lake or run the canyon.

    Just TOO COOL!

    And Da Bears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Nice Lex! I use to have a window seat on the 32nd floor at Andersen’s One Market office in San Francisco. During the build up to Fleet Week, the Blue Angels would practice and buzz our building too. Nothing quite like an F-18 flying banked tens of feet past your eyes. Sound of freedom indeed.

  5. In San Diego we not only have several ai bases, but also a downtown airport, so we get both the Sound of Freedom and the Sound of Commerce.

  6. Damn…I knew I picked the wrong field…I served in the navy for 6 years… on a fast attack sub….somehow the “silence of freedom” was just never that awe inspiring….

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