Obama Logo Hacked! Rattlesnake Logo New and Improved!


Or this:

More nice ones from “ambisinistral”.

The snake with less yellow manages to look more like the original Obama logo, and to avoid looking too much like a commie flag.

This one is getting awfully damn close to the memetic WMD I wanted.

UPDATE: (Please note bleg to turn this into real stuff.)

UPDATE II: Gadsden 2012 Stuff Now Available!

26 thoughts on “Obama Logo Hacked! Rattlesnake Logo New and Improved!”

  1. Hopefully, 2012 will be the year the American people to finally rise up and destroy the last vestiges of the House of Stuart. Since the Jacobites have failed to heed the warning of the Gadsden Flag and keep trying to to tread on us, we will finally tread on them.

    Down with the Queen!

  2. Maybe this needs a little text? I bet some people would interpret it as a PRO-Obama piece, with the rattlesnake symbolizing resistance to Corporate Exploiters, and Christianists, and all…

  3. I do not havae the software to see what it would look like but why not make the snake part look more like the flag it is. People will know it is meant to be a zero. Also change the color of the background to blue.

  4. David, maybe some people would confuse it, but I don’t think many would. Here in beautiful Oak Park blue Obama stickers are all over the place. I am sure this is true in many places. Red ones with a snake in place of the O logo would immediately be seen as a contrast. As to text, all Obama has on his is his campaign website. There is no equivalent. Not yet, anyway.

  5. I am going to respectfully disagree, Lex. I think people will get confused if it not obvious. I was confused at first. Most people are busy, are not that plugged into politics, and certainly don’t know any history.

    Then again, maybe I’m talking about me because I got confused and should apologize to “most people.”

    Anyway, we’ve got time to play with images – and should – so this is a great start!

    – Madhu

    *Hee hee, the Palin emails turned out to be a bunch of nothing. What a bunch of dopes some in the press are. The contrast between this vapidity and the brave reporting of some war reporters is almost too much to take.


  6. The main point is Obama is in full scale campaign mode, and the GOP will have no name to put up for over a year. We need counter-acting images.

    The Red + the Snake = an alliance between the GOP + the Tea Party.

    They are far from being the same thing.

  7. No, you’re right. I saw one of those Obama bumper stickers already on one a hybrid cars, driven by a bespeckled digital watch-wearing academic-type, it looked like….I admit I was surprised. Even after all the changes in the economy, there are still devoted fans? What are some people smoking?

    I’ll try and think up some text, too. Easy to complain, much harder to do :) Thanks to those who made this effort.

    The snake is cool.

    – Madhu

  8. Okay, how about going really simple and really direct?

    The top image with the bigger snake, available in either a red background or blue, and underneath it,.T.E.A. = taxed enough already?

    – Madhu

    Or, the top image with the bigger snake and a blue background and the text to read various options for cafe-press ordering:

    1. T.E.A. = taxed enough already

    2. Winning The Future? WTF?

    3. Url to main GOP website

    4. ????

    Help a gal out, other commenters!

    – Madhu

  9. Oh wait, one more and then I need to get going.

    Hmmmm, I need to practice the image hacker skillz….

    The Obama logo with a graph of employment going down, down, down, in the place of that lined O image they always use.

    – Madhu

    (Let’s see if I can scare that up sometime during the next week).

  10. I’ll play.

    Agree that the significance of snake is not as widely known as it should be. But, it is a vivid visual symbol that picks curiosity – just like when I first saw a simplified fish symbol, previously unknown to me, on bumper stickers, I was curious to find out.
    Back to task.
    I would take as a starting point the 1st sample. Scale the snake even bigger, center it on horizontal axes of the numbers forming 2012, so the top and bottom of the snake spill up and down out of line. That will accentuate the message. Next, I’d change the background color to orange. Double purpose: 1)it’s not red, so no association with communists or with neither of the ruling American parties, thus emphasizing popular grass-roots bipartisan Tea Party sentiment 2)for those historical symbolism-inclined, orange is the color of independence (Netherlands from Spanish crown), and Netherlands is a symbol of entrepreneurship, of Republic against Monarchy, of small David of a country against Goliath of Imperial power. etc, etc, etc.\

    I can think up more, if you want.

  11. All good suggestions. I look forward to seeing further hacks.

    In defense of the red background — red is the color of alarm. Obama’s blue is trying to soothe, the jangly red is sounding a warning.

  12. Brilliant! Thanks! Used a slightly-altered version on my web site (cropped some from the top & bottom). If you’ve any objections to my use, please tell me and I’ll revert to the old picture.

  13. I want the snake on the Gadsden flag – the yellow one. The only words should be “NOBAMA” across the bottom. Forget the blue background or edge line – it just distracts from the Flag/2012 image. I want Obama and all that are associated with him gone. If we could hold the election tomorrow, I would be overjoyed. May that communist moron be sentenced to lifetime unemployment, forced to live on his “retirement”, with no cost of living adjustments as the inflation he has caused spirals out of control.

  14. How about a yellow background with black outlines around the numbers? That would be closer to the original Gadsden flag.

    Yes, I get the red background, but I’m still a bit P.O.’d about the way that the color red has become identified with conservatism when we all know that the Democrats are the real “Reds”. It’s almost a kind of jiu-jistu by the media.

    On the other hand, though, red is one of the colors in the American flag, which predates the Communist flag, so there’s that.

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