Obama Logo Hacked! Rattlesnake Logo Launched!


Please spread this widely. I am already seeing the Obama 2012 logo all over the place. We need to counteract it with our own powerful memetic superweapons.

(In this post I asked for a hack of the Obama poster, and “ambisinistral” from Flares into Darkness sent several versions. Thanks, dude. You da man. See also three other versions below the fold. I like the one above best.)

UPDATE: This is the new and improved version.

UPDATE II: (Please note bleg to turn this into real stuff.)

UPDATE III: Gadsden 2012 Stuff Now Available!

21 thoughts on “Obama Logo Hacked! Rattlesnake Logo Launched!”

  1. It’s good to the see the Tea Party claim the revolutionary red and yellow, and to model themselves on the successful revolutions in Russia and China. Much better than the staid red, white, and blue of the reactionary American Obama.

    I suppose it’s some sort of subconscious thing. The Tea Party in choosing red and yellow recognizes that they are the true revolutionaries, opposed to the red, white, and blue of America, whose majority is led by Obama.

    The only colors more revolutionary might be the red, green, yellow of diversity; the red, green, white of the PRI; or the green and white of Islam!

    This reversal follows the party colors in the media; that is, Democrats were once the red party and Republicans the blue, in, say, 1960. Fifty years later, the colors have reversed, because now the Republicans are the revolutionaries and the Democrats, the staid status quo.

  2. “… whose majority is led by Obama.”


    He had a majority on election day 2008.

    He no longer has a majority in the House of Representatives.

    Still, there is something a little bit Maoist about the look.

    And it does represent a revolt against both parties.

    Maybe a thin blue border would be good, though, to get all three of the flag colors back in.

    The Gadsden yellow + snake is a long-standing American image.

  3. Also, ErisGuy, I speak for no one but myself. You cannot attribute anything to “the Tea Party movement” based on a blog post from me.

  4. “It’s good to the see the Tea Party claim the revolutionary red and yellow,”

    yes a send up on the marxists. with the marxists in power it is revolutionary the want to go back 180 degrees to what this country is founded upon.

  5. “The Tea Party in choosing red and yellow recognizes that they are the true revolutionaries, opposed to the red, white, and blue of America, whose majority is led by Obama.”

    Yeah, right. Because what could possibly be more American than a huge, all-powerful central government that micromanages every aspect of American life, with decisions made not by people who might actually have first-hand knowledge of the affected area, but by elitist DC eggheads with no practical experience outside of think tanks, administrative offices, and faculty lounges? It’s exactly what the Founders had in mind, which is why the “principles” of unlimited government, reckless spending, unaccountable bureaucracy, and punitive taxation are enshrined in the living, breathing, ever-malleable Constitution.



    I do not know if this is allowed or not. I am going to refer to a company I have dealt with and include a URL.

    If CHICAGO BOYZ has a CafePress account or some other means of making money off of this OR if there is a policy against linking to businesses, please delete this comment. I have not seen any sign of such. From what has been said, I gather that these designs are released into the public domain.

    People are asking where they can get these stickers.

    I have a habit of making up my own occasional “seditious against the State” bumper stickers, and I have found that makestickers.com is a really handy company for that. You can use their own templates or send in a custom design. At $4.95 for a one-off, shipping included, it can’t be beat that I know of. When you send them a custom design, they will work with you by phone and email to make sure that it is what you want before they print.

    If, of course, CHICAGO BOYZ has their own source, use that instead. Consider it repayment for their creativity.

    I have absolutely no financial interest in the company beyond being a very satisfied customer. I will also note that I am making up my own variant of the design, for myself. As LEXINGTON GREEN said:

    “Let 100 flowers bloom.”

    Subotai Bahadur

  7. The original design was actually the best. Do not try to copy Obama’s now lame design. Make the Gadsden snake as big as possible. Indeed, typographically, the 0 should be just lightly larger than the numerals on either side.

  8. I would buy it as a bumper sticker but I too would like the color scheme changed. The red seems too marxist for me.

  9. What’s the url for the web site under the 2012?

    Your hack isn’t finished until you have one.

  10. I prefer a blue background myself. It just works better as a background. And a slightly larger Gadsden Flag. Otherwise, this looks great. I want one.

  11. Colur …. schmolour …. when sh!it bags wrap themselves in the flag the symbol has been stained.

    The Obama political team put the US flag on a turd.

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