Bleg: How to Turn the Rattlesnake Logo into Real Stuff

We got a nice response to my initial bleg to make a logo that is a hack of the Obama reelection logo, including an instalink.

Ambisinistral came through with some good versions of it, which I posted here and also here. We may also have a few more suggestions coming along, which I will post.

In the comments to the foregoing posts, people have expressed an interest in having bumper stickers, and have proposed various tweaks and variations, including color changes and text.

Bottom line, I am not in a position to manufacture the thing myself. Instead I hereby request that our readers leave comments suggesting ways to turn these images, or similar ones further hacked to your own liking, into real, existing bumper stickers, t-shirts, or what have you. If there is some vendor you have used, or some service that will make them, please let me know. I will do a further post listing them all.

In the meantime, please feel free to put these images on your websites, blogs, Facebook pages, email footers, etc.

We cannot let the Obama team dominate the memetic / visual space for the next year until the GOP has its own candidate. They are in full campaign mode. By swamping people in Obama images they can create a sense of inevitability.

UPDATE: Gadsden 2012 Stuff Now Available!

14 thoughts on “Bleg: How to Turn the Rattlesnake Logo into Real Stuff”

  1. Cafe Press will make almost anything into any object you desire. They don’t do it for free, of course, but that’s capitalism. Maybe they would even do a volume discount for organizations that want it for a fund raising tool.

  2. Zazzle will do it …
    Set up a store. Upload your artwork.
    Put your design on hundreds of products.

  3. “By swamping people in Obama images they can create a sense of inevitability.”

    It’ll work that way if they can ramp up the enthusiasm somehow. And that’s a medium size “if”. Otherwise they might get saturation, boredom, and annoyance.

    A sugggestion for ambisinistral’s latest 2 designs as of this post: make the background of the snake an actual zero. The larger snake looks like it’s in front of the sun or some other disk, the smaller snake looks like it’s being seen through a hole of some sort.

    (To apologize for the kibitzing, I present, via Stan Freberg, Betsy Ross’s complaint: “Everybody wants to be an art director,
    Everybody wants to call the shots,
    Everybody wants to be a flag dissector,
    Changing all my stars to polka dots..”

  4. What’s the copyright status of this material? If you permit reproduction, how and under what circumstances. There are plenty of established people who would be glad to spread the meme for profit.

  5. Great job on the hacked logo. I took the liberty of making a cleaner electronic version with crisper numbers and a non-blurry image of the Gadsden flag logo. You can download a high-res version of the hacked logo from my blog, The Right Logic

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