A Convention Note To MSNBC Execs

Dear MSNBC executive monkeys,

Long ago, I tried to warn you about a particular half-mad, white-haired talk show host. You did not listen, and you thereafter suffered a disastrous ratings decline that has nearly destroyed your network. I was somewhat reluctant to say I told you so, but there you have it.

However, I now offer a bit of similar advice:

Please tell little Ronnie Reagan to shut the hell up when the adults are talking. The particular item Ann Althouse notes in this post was just one of a number of boorish, immature, ignorant, or otherwise foolish comments coming out of this man’s sloppy stem-cell hole.

Now, I know MSNBC is struggling, and perhaps cannot afford truly top-notch analysts and commentators, but Ron Reagan’s only qualification for a career in media is that he’s the loud-mouthed lefty son of the dead (and therefore now universally popular) Ronald Reagan. Did this guy really do anything beside dropping out of college and running off to join the ballet?

I suppose if your aim is to make Pat Buchanan seem far more palatable in comparison, your strategy is working brilliantly. However, whenever I see the man, I reach for my remote. I don’t need to be endlessly condescended to by this joke of a ratings ploy while Futurama’s playing on the Cartoon Network.

In short, you continue to run your network into the ground, and you are most likely going to burn in hell for all eternity as punishment for your many crimes against television news.

Your pal,


P.S. Please smack Matthews back to reality a bit. His perpetual whining cry-baby the war is wrong / a mistake / a lie / a conspiracy by the hawks spiel is wearing pretty damn thin. Thanks.

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