5 thoughts on “It’s Over”

  1. Hum, I’m not certaint if it’s legal in the People’s Republic of California for me to buy:

    2 Hi-Capacity Sig-Saur P229 magazine.
    2 Hi-Capacity Glock 23 magazine.
    2 Hi-Capacity Glock 19 magazine.

  2. Those 92 to 101 pistols look exactly like Berettas. Brazilian copies?

    My .357 SS Taurus is great for plinking and target practice with .38 Specials

    But my favorite (also good for a lady) would be one of these guys‘ custom Browning Hi-Powers

  3. I just check. Nope. I have to move out of the Golden State (probably to either Nevada or Arizona) to get away from the even more strigent California/Los Angeles laws.

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