Glossy Finish, Flat EEG

From the easternmost suburbs of Chicago:

The problem with stereotypes is that there is often a bit of truth to them. It has been said that conservatives think liberals are stupid, and liberals think conservatives are mean. Here’s a little illustration of the bit of truth in the lefty stereotype. Two of the intellectual lights of the left videotaped themselves spray-painting PC slogans on a McDonalds and defacing a statue of Columbus with red paint and the word “murderer.” They were caught by the police in the midst of their revolutionary artistry with the tape still rolling.

Big surprise that one of them, Walid/Waleed Zaiter, is on the staff of a far-left “education” organization called Social Justice Education. Prominent on their website is a picture of what looks like Zaiter in a ski mask, holding a spray can. His staff biography lists his profession as “self-taught video artist” and graffiti art as one of his interests. But I guess that goes without saying, doesn’t it?

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