Attack of the Poker Bots

Online poker players are concerned that sophisticated programs (called bots in computer lingo) will win poker games on online gambling sites. They fear the bots will systemically defeat the human players and rake in all the money.

Of course, the ultimate evolution will be bots playing bots. Then humans can go do productive work while the bots take care of our critical gambling needs.

6 thoughts on “Attack of the Poker Bots”

  1. Funny. I wonder who’s to stop the black jack card counting bots? Wouldn’t be hard to write. I could probably even put one together on Excel based on formulas. Look out sites here I come…

  2. I don’t either, but there’s nothing stopping them from adjusting in response to online shenanigans in much the same way that brick-and-moartar casinos adjust to card-counters that appear in the flesh.

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