Seeking RSS Advice

Someone pointed out to me that our RSS feed sucks. Apparently its transmissions do not include links back to either individual posts or the blog as a whole. Maybe there are other problems as well, but I can’t tell because I don’t know my RSS from a hole in the ground.

I would be much obliged if any ChicagoBoyz RSS users and/or RSS mavens could suggest 1) what else we could do to make our RSS feed more useful and 2) how to modify our RSS template(s) to do it. (I’d like to add those links back to the blog, at the very least.)

Thanks. We now resume our regularly unscheduled programming.

8 thoughts on “Seeking RSS Advice”

  1. Not sure exactly what the problem is supposed to be. The basic feed does have links to individual post and to links embedded in the text.

    This could be some sort of client side problem. Shoot me a mail with more descriptions of the problem if you have them.

  2. Thanks. Glad to hear it really does work. I’ll check again with the person who reported the problem. Maybe we missed something.

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