Tea Party May See First State Senator In Wisconsin

Next week there are two more recall elections here in Wisconsin. Last week the Republican incumbents won four out of the six recall elections giving them a one vote majority in the State Senate. Rumors have one state senator possibly cutting a deal to switch sides and flip control of the Senate. It would be good if the R’s could pick off one of the two sitting Democrats next week just for insurance.

Today Ann Althouse put up a post on one of the candidates from Wisconsin’s northwoods. Apparently Kim Simac is making a massive blitz this weekend and will be appearing in eleven of the twelve counties in that area. She looks like a worker to me and I have no doubts after watching this video that she will do it. She is the founder of the Northwoods Patriots.
To me I think the recalls for the senators who fled are much more legitimate than the ones that were done simply for doing what they were elected to do. I sincerely hope Simac wins. It would be great for Wisconsin and great for the Tea Party as well.

Whether she wins or loses, I have to admit that these are simply amazing times to me. As Lex said to me in an email exchange, people like Simac are the ones Obama and his crew want to destroy forever.

I like it every time I hear someone trashing the Tea Party – I think those that are poo-pooing the Tea Party are vastly underestimating this movement.

Update, 8-12-11, 10.30 am – this is an interesting comment at the Althouse thread – anecdotal, admittedly:

My cabin is in Kim Simac’s senate district. I worked there this summer, and had a good opportunity to gauge Holperin and Simac’s campaigns.

Both candidates walked in several July 4th parades. In the ones I attended, Holperin received little applause and more than a few boos as he passed by. He was followed by a group of about 30 supporters (all from a local high school faculty) wearing identical tee shirts and chanting “Thank you Jim! Thank you Jim!” loud enough to drown out he booing.

Kim Simac recieved loud and sustained applause and shouts of encouragement as she passed by, and no boos. She didn’t need supporters trailing behind.

Many of the local business peoples’ floats carried Simac signs.

I spent time with her last weekend at a volunteer fireman’s pig roast in Phelps. The crowd was very friendly and supportive, and she seemed to know many by first name.

The majority vote in the district was for Walker during the gubernatorial contest. It trends Republican.

Simac’s chances are good, although the district has been money-bombed for Holperin. Holperin’s funding is about four times more than Simac’s, most of it coming from unions and DNC-related sources.

Simac has a good chance of winning.

14 thoughts on “Tea Party May See First State Senator In Wisconsin”

  1. I am sending Kim Simic $100. I am sure she needs money for ads. I hope others will send much more.

    I wish I could volunteer to help.

    It is critically important that the Rs pick up a seat next week.

  2. I want to let you guys know that Ron Paul is a viable option for President. Please research his ideas. They are not as crazy as the MSM has made them sound. Here are the Fox News opinion poll results after the debate. The MSM isn’t even telling you how popular he is:

    Ron Paul 40.85% (16,827 votes)
    Newt Gingrich 22.97% (9,464 votes)
    Mitt Romney 13.07% (5,382 votes)
    Michele Bachmann 9.47% (3,902 votes)
    Herman Cain 7.92% (3,264 votes)
    Rick Santorum 2.94% (1,211 votes)
    Tim Pawlenty 1.67% (688 votes)
    Jon Huntsman 1.1% (455 votes)
    Total Votes: 41,193

    The Topix opinion poll is even better:

    Total Votes 39,329

    National Vote
    Paul 23841
    Gingrich 5835
    Cain 3151
    Bachmann 2383
    Romney 2355
    Santorum 1022
    Huntsman 414
    Pawlenty 328

    Votes as of 12:02 PM, 08/13/11

    Please do some research about his ideas they are not as crazy as they have been made to sound.

  3. No its not Ron Paul spam. Why do you say that? I am fighting for a solution to a government that is too big, spending that is too great and a congress that just voted to increase the debt limit!

    What is your solution? Ron Paul is the only person I see who has voted against everything the idiots in D.C. have done for the last 35 years! If nothing else, he will get rid of the Dept. of Education, the Dept. of Energy, the Dept of Homeland Security, get rid of all the executive orders that have caused the federal gov to balloon out of control.

    Finally, he doesn’t get any support for anything from anyone in Washington so he will veto every stupid thing they do and he will not be able to increase the size of anything!

  4. What is your solution? Ron Paul is the only…

    This post is about Wisconsin and the Tea Party. Ron Paul isn’t the Tea Party. There are plenty of politicians who have the right values without Ron Paul’s isolationism. Many Tea Party people disagree with Ron Paul about foreign affairs. The Tea Party isn’t about one politician, and the country’s problems won’t be solved by one politician. Indeed, part of what got us into this mess is the fact that too many voters were obsessed with a politician. Why are you obsessed with Ron Paul?

  5. Sherry’s comment is spam because it is off point.

    Sherry also proves that Ron Paul’s friends are his worst enemies.

    He is perceived as a kook, when he mostly isn’t, because of the cult-like behavior of his fans and followers.

    I am at the point where I pretty much agree with Ron Paul’s so-called isolationism.

  6. Folks, I haven’t even decided for Ron Paul yet. I have been reading his stuff and have found that his ideas are right on target. I also read the Fox News opinion poll data and found they were extremely favorable for him. I was just trying to get people that I respect to read his stuff and discover what he is actually saying and doing.

    I put it under this post because it was about Tea Party stuff and thought it was okay. Please forgive the intrusion to your little party.

  7. Nobody objects to your participation in our party. What we don’t like is your attempt to take over and turn our party into your party. I wonder what Ron Paul would think of such cheek.

  8. We left it up and let you have your say because it is not a terribly serious infraction.

    I would love to see Ron Paul appointed Fed Chairman. He could make all it’s records available, then shut it down forever.

    But first we need to win in Wisconsin next week.

    Please donate some money.

  9. Go away to the farm to get some work done and a Paulian invades my post. Oh well, I am good with it. I also like certain aspects of the guy, but as Lex said, the kOOk fringe really does kill him, and a perfect example is asking me to do a homework assignment on Ron Paul’s policies in the comment thread of a post that has absolutely nothing to do with him.

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