For Dan – Some Cows

… and other roadside Texiana.

Cows, at the Sandy Oaks Olive Ranch, near Elmendorf, Texas.

Bikers, in front of the Gruene General Store.

The road goes ever on and on… Highway 83, between Ballinger and Tuscola.

Defunct bank, in Paint Rock, Texas.

If the opposite of “defuct” is “funct” … then Donna’s Beauty Parlor is definitely “funct.”

The new River Walk extension in San Antonio is most definitely “funct.”

Thelma and Sandy, of “Villa Fabula” at Wimberly’s Market Days are definitely also “funct.” And funky, too.

Hot-air balloons, in Abilene at sunset.

 A river runs through it … Wimberley, on the edge of the Hill Country.

And finally … oh, my — what long horns you have!

(One of my best photo features is here, at my book-blog. Enjoy!)

7 thoughts on “For Dan – Some Cows”

  1. I have to say that San Antonio has certainly changed for the better since I was at Lackland AFB for basic training in 1959. At the time, we were convinced that if the world ever needed an enema…

    Of course, the circumstances did not encourage enthusiasm. I also got a nice opportunity to experience the extremes of San Antonio weather.

    The cows are nice. Those at the top look as though they might have a bit of longhorn in them.

  2. It’s improved way more, Michael – although I wasn’t all that impressed myself, on town-leave in the late 1970s.

    I agree, the top cows probably have some long-horn. The bottom one definitly does – he was part of a Christmas in Goliad parade: Santa comes in, riding a longhorn into the city square. Good times…

  3. nothing like living in the city and coming around a corner in Goliad, and finding yourself face to face with a longhorn. Considering I’d only ever seen the damn things from a distance driving though the country and in picture books. I was terrified of that beast in the last picture and I refused to give it the satisfaction of running away and screaming like a girl.

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