3 thoughts on “How WRONG would it be to make myself a Quote of the Day???”

  1. Well, it had better be funny because, it is a joke, isn’t it?

    The Left is famous for heckling, shouting speakers down, or worse — think of the shennanigans at the Madison, Wisconsin Capitol Square.

    So the Left does something uncouth and uncivil and in cases unlawful, we the Right have to do the same thing?

    And not only are the GOP members of the House and Senate encouraged to yell during a speech by the President of the United States, they are to be threatened with a primary challenge if they don’t participate? This is a joke, for “inside consumption”, right? And even if it is a joke, the Democratic Party and Presidential Reelection Campaign fundraising letters practically write themselves. The Right has such overconfidence that they (you) are threatening party discipline to Republicans who won’t act as complete barbarians.

  2. OK. You’ve convinced me. GOP members should limit themselves to smirking, ostentatiously yawning, eye rolling and head shaking and mouthing “no”.

    And having them all bring vuvuzelas and drownIng out the speech entirely is now off the table.

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