5 thoughts on “Life is just a bowl of pits”

  1. Great comedic talent, not a great author. I picked up the book based on the Journal review. But he did know how to have and show others a good time.

  2. I didn’t bother to mention it because even filthy communists recognize Caddyshack as a masterwork in the comedic sciences. One of the greatest movies ever made.

    Back to School basically revitalized the college party genre, which had sadly wilted after the Animal House glory days.

    I’ll admit Easy Money isn’t the greatest movie in existence, but it has a sleazy, all-American charm all its own…

  3. He made few bad movie like EASY MONEY and LADYBUGS but his goofy rutine of getting no respect was his classic one was MY FATHER AND I USED TO DO A LOT TOGETHER IN FACT WE USED TO GO OUT HUNTING AND HE GAVE ME A 25 SECOND HEAD START and will he get respect in heaven?

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