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The “Global Test” standard is likely to raise more questions than it answers because it is a threshold without a real specification, a probability without degree. It is analytically defective because the degree of risk one is willing to endure depends on the severity of the consequences. . . Yet standards do have a value in this context, provided they are not the pseudo-absolute ones implied by a “Global Test”. It is the test of reasonable action in the face of the best available information, the standard on which Eisenhower decided to launch Overlord in the middle of an Atlantic storm or which impelled Spruance to proceed to Point Luck in defense of Midway in ignorance of the exact whereabouts of the Japanese Fleet. It is no guaranty against mistakes. But it is a guaranty against paralysis.


4 thoughts on “Quote of the Day”

  1. Global Test on the march to sell us the snake oil of collective security, as if it has ever saved anyone or solved anything. A member of an international panel declared at the Woodrow Wilson (ha!) International Center they’re studying the “legality” of preemption. Scowcroft seemed embarrased by the news.

  2. Your opinions are neither truth nor as biting as you imagine them to be. The problem is your rudeness. Take your personal attacks elsewhere.

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