And Speaking of Scalps

Add another to the long, long list of U of C Nobelists … (hat tip: Bill Roule). Any doubts that everyone’s favorite major South Side university can credit itself with this one are dispelled by this telling passage:

… although he wasn’t socially adept, “I fit right in,” [Wilczek] recalled. “It was fortunate to me that the U. of C. didn’t stress sociality,” he joked.

The dweebs are inheriting the Earth.

3 thoughts on “And Speaking of Scalps”

  1. Even more significant than another (yawn) Nobelist added to the rolls:

    UofC was a category on Jeopardy yesterday.

  2. Wilczek was there when I was there, but I was a fourth and fifth year (I am not in line for any prizes) student. I do not recall having meet him, but I did not take any physics or math courses after my gen ed requirements.

    Another tale from a wasted life. sigh.

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