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Ok, I haven’t seen the movie yet, and most of the press it is getting has absolutely savaged it, but it must have some redeeming qualities to get Sean Penn in such a lather. When I was in Miami last week, I pointed Jonathan’s web browser to the trailers for Team America. I think his exact words were, “What the hell is this? It looks really stupid.” I can’t dismiss something however, that spears every Hollywood loudmouth, while lampooning Kim Jong Il’s staging of a full musical review for the visiting Madeline Albright. The previews may indeed turn out to be the most entertaining 60 seconds of the whole movie, but I can envision this thing turning into a big hit with the 13 to 30 year-old crowd, whilst the Left Coast objects of ridicule shake their collective heads and moan, “Our fan-base, why have you forsaken us?”

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  1. I plan on seeing it when it comes out. While their humor is sometimes a bit crude, Southpark is one of the few shows on tv that has a good libertarian message.

    Then again, I fall into that 13-30 crowd.

  2. I thought the commercials were hilarious as well. I’d love to see it, but I think the other hundred or so people at the theater might not like our kid too much.

  3. For most of human history actors and actresses have enjoyed the social status of gypsies, street sweepers and prostitutes. It’s amusing to see, having finally achieved celebrity status with the advent of movies, how fragile and undeserved their new status is.

    Our ancestors were on to something.

  4. I had the good fortune of seeing TA:WP at a sneak preview Saturday night and found it to be highly amusing. Of course, I’m in the 13-30 set, but that doesn’t mean I care for some of their more tasteless scenes. Still, it’s quite a lampoon on a number of people who richly dserve a good lampooning.

  5. Wait a second. Sean Penn objects to his PUPPET being savaged by giant killer “black Panthers” that turn out to be plain black house cats?? Does he think the SouthPark guys are encouraging America’s DOMESTIC PETS to violently rip his head off!?

    I read the Sean Penn memo and assumed he must have fallen off the wagon again, as only a drunk would think a propaganda tour of Husseins Iraq escorted by Baathist secret police qualified them as a tour guide in Iraq today. Memo to Sean Penn: the Iraqi’s you met were friendly because they’d have been tortued by your handlers if they weren’t! Duh.

    Penn misses the irony in making the SouthParkers point for them, and demonstrates why humorless and self-important actors are worthy of ridicule.

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