9 thoughts on “Meteorologists for Kerry?”

  1. What’s more, Jonathan, I would at least take care to display Old Glory correctly. Whether the flag is displayed vertically or horizonally, the field of stars should always be on the left. Actually, given who they are supporting, it’s quite surprising they would make this particular mistake.

  2. There’s all kinds. I know a few of them and I think they would handle this assignment with a lot more wit and effectiveness.

  3. We’ve been told Kerry/Edwards will make cripples walk; it can’t be that much of a stretch for them to control the weather.

  4. As a Floridian, having seen my neighbors lives disrupted this summer, I find the sign disgusting. I can’t imagine the firm is located in Florida (and stupid enough to post that) is it?

  5. If Kerry is elected, the hurricanes’ devastation will be undone with the mere touch of his almighty hand. Collapsed houses will stand up by themselves, with a whoosh. Teddy bears thought to be lost forever in the rubble will be restored and pressed against tiny, tear-dampened cheeks.

    If you support Bush, you are against the children.

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