I’m 100% Pro Life. End of Story.

That is a post from Herman Cain’s Facebook page. Hard to say how involved Herman is in this medium, I would assume just a little.

But I like this post. I really love it when people don’t waste time and just say exactly where they stand. Why beat around the bush?

I have a friend who is a zany believer in the well disproven vaccines = autism deal. She plainly says that there is absolutely nothing that I can say or show her that will change her mind on the issue. I respect that much more than someone who wastes my time trying to show them how stupid their stance is, but are in the end someone who’s mind could never be changed in the first place, with regard to the subject of vaccines = autism.

To me, there really isn’t a vast “presidential matrix” of issues that most people vote on. It is nice every once in a while to see exactly where someone comes down on an issue.

Clearly, Cain doesn’t care about the pro-abortion vote (some may call this pro-choice).

As a side note – to me, this issue isn’t a make or break, I am much more of a guns and money guy.

At this point, I am a Cain guy, although this fight will be decided well before our primary here in Wisco. And that is why I am not paying too much attention to it.

5 thoughts on “I’m 100% Pro Life. End of Story.”

  1. Herman seems like less of a bullshit artist than most of these guys.

    It is an appealing aspect of the man.

  2. In general I’m pro life but also see the down side – Clinton’s mother and Obama’s mother didn’t have a choice.

  3. I am not sure I agree with the commenters take.

    The original statement was refreshing in that it was very blunt and clear. If left there, I would agree with this take on things.

    But then Herman started adding ‘nuances’ to it that weakened and obfuscated it. Rather than a simple, clear statement, he turned it into hash…It went from being a refreshingly non-political take on a hot button issue to a demonstration of lack of serious preparation and thought.

    Regardless of how you feel about the underlying question, the original take was refreshing, the follow up reeked of unpolished amatuer.

    While I like Cain, I think he is just too unprepared. I think if the GOP candidate does not make mistakes, Obama will be a one termer. I might like Cain’s administration more than the other candidates, but I am keenly aware that it would be less likely to actually happen. In my humble opinion.

    Although I don’t like Romney, he is a much better candidate this time than last time. I hope Cain uses the next 4 years to prepare. If he dedicated himself to it, he could be a transformational powerhouse in 4 years.

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