Arrrrggggh! Part II

So I woke up this morning, slid out from between my silken sheets, shooed away the gaggle of maids and valets, took the express elevator to the breakfast nook and flipped on my 2048 inch plasma display to find out that the !@#$% election still isn’t officially over!


I swear to the elder gods that if Kerry calls out the lawyers I will find the nearest registered Democrat and give their shin bone a sound thrashing! I am so sick of this already!

Okay, breath, calm, go to my happy place.

Ahhhhh! John Kerry, George Bush and hoard of lawyers are in my happy place!

Wait, there’s no express elevator to the breakfast nook! I must be dreaming! I just need to wake up and find out that it’s all over.

Just need to wake up, wake up, wake up…

6 thoughts on “Arrrrggggh! Part II”

  1. One can hope J. Scott. I dream of an election where the loser of the Presidential race concedes gracefully to his (or her – in 2008) opponent ON ELECTION NIGHT!!! Am I wrong, but didn’t we used to know who won the presidency on election day?

  2. What’s the rush? The current presidency doesn’t end until January, after all. Why shouldn’t the result be decided by an actual count of the actual votes, rather than a TV station’s projection?

    Endless legal issues are a pain, sure, but what’s the big deal with spending a few days counting the ballots?

  3. I don’t mind waiting for the concession until the the writing is firmly on the wall the next day (week, if necessary), so long as we don;t have to endure lawyering.

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