Facebook is Dead to Me

After soliciting the help of the CB community, for which many thanks, I found that something I had done in setting up my Facebook personal page apparently interfered with something I was trying to do in setting up my FB fan page. I couldn’t figure out how to do what I wanted, my attempt to do what I thought was necessary made the situation worse, perhaps irreversibly, and there appears to be no written explanation on FB’s help pages that addresses my specific situation. What drove me over the edge was that there is no way to contact FB directly to get an answer. I have contacted FB regarding copyright violations and they responded promptly, and I assume they would respond promptly if I wanted to buy advertising. But tech support? Ha ha ha. Facebook users are raw material for the production of ad revenue, not members of a community to be allocated system resources above the minimum needed for bare survival. It’s like being a chicken in a coop. You and the other chickens might imagine that the farmer is part of your circle, but this is an illusion that disappears as soon as you try to get something beyond your daily feed allotment. So I deleted my account.

I reopened the account a few days later to see if anything was different — perhaps the system needed time to propagate new values? perhaps I could now implement the changes I wanted? Nope. So I deleted the account again. The hell with this. I’ll wait the fourteen days and give it another try after my account is wiped clean, but I have low expectations. I should have hired someone who knows FB to get me set up. It’s not worth the time and aggravation otherwise.

It will be interesting to see whether FB eventually decides to reimplement human service beyond the current minimal level.

6 thoughts on “Facebook is Dead to Me”

  1. I don’t want to use FB but it’s useful as a marketing tool.

    Not familiar with Yahoo support. IME Google’s UI tends to be well thought through and well documented so that further support is rarely necessary. Also, with Google there is often a way, even if cumbersome, to contact human support if you can’t get a tech problem resolved otherwise. With FB you get the feeling of hitting a wall if you have a support issue that isn’t covered by the online documentation.

  2. You said “FB is dead to me” but “I’ll give it another try in 14 days”.
    FB must be very dear to you so you give it 2nd (or 3rd) chances.

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