8 thoughts on “Live/Work in NYC?”

  1. I posted elsewhere that it might be a good idea, to move the “protest” of paid performers, professional students and dope dealers to different locales within the city. In the spirit of shared sacrifice all sectors of Gotham should be exposed to the “message” of the movement. Why should Milk St. (and countless others affected by the state-sanctioned chaos)take the pipe on this? I’m thinking that next week, the whole crew be moved (at the city’s expense of course!) up to 125th St.

    The great unwashed camped outside of Clinton’s high rise crib, drums and tents installed directly by the door of Sylvia’s, so “Reverend” Al can watch the oppressed urinate on po-lice cars while he stuffs his face with chicken and waffles!

    The week after, Bloomberg’s place, after that, off to Brooklyn, Chuck Schumers…

  2. David:

    Thanks so much for the link.

    I’m glad to report that because of all the publicity generated the police removed the barricades yesterday. My son-in-law, who freqently eats at the Milk Street Cafe, went there for lunch and reports that the place was packed. Hopefully, Mr. Epstein will recover financially and hire back all the employees he was forced to lay off.

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