Around Milwaukee October 2011

Recently I traveled up north to Milwaukee. You can see the Miller Brewery Tour highlights here. The inside joke among me and my friends is that Milwaukee’s motto should be

It’s better than you think

Because that’s the truth.

Upper left – I was impressed with their conversion of older industrial buildings into condominiums as well as new construction. But I think that the sign for “The Point on the River” that said “It Reminds me of Amsterdam” was pushing it a bit too far… Upper middle – great buildings being renovated downtown. Upper middle – near where a friend of mine lives someone put some yard sculpture together with what appears to be buried cars in their front lawn. Upper right – a cool brand new building in the arts section of town. Lower left – a Ford Falcon used to deliver Jimmy John’s. They built this car from 1960-1970 so someone has kept this guy running a long time. Lower middle – the famous city hall. Lower right – The Fonz! We were in our high end hotel and someone came right up to us to see if we had directions to the Fonz statue, and we were able to accommodate. Apparently he is a real tourist attraction.

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2 thoughts on “Around Milwaukee October 2011”

  1. I don’t remember all of that, after my visit ~7yrs ago. Calatrava’s Art museum replaced all the rest of the city’ mental images.
    Incidentally, did you see it? did you like it?

  2. Isn’t that the clock tower from Laverne and Shirley? As a kid, I thought Lenny and Squiggy were hilarious.

    – Madhu

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